The Magic of Time

The Magic of Time
is provocative, intelligent and whimsical…a well-researched and highly entertaining debut time-travel mystery romance.  In this first novel of a four-book series, Patricia Joyce has woven an intricate tale, transporting our tormented heroine, Graziella Fortuna , from present-day Los Angeles to a past life in nineteenth century London, England - an amazing journey of the soul from a life of acclaim and success to a life of accusation, seduction, deceit and murder.  Brilliantly plotted, vividly imagined, The Magic of Time is a riveting paranormal tale, embracing the universal challenge of love VS fear.  


The Magic of Time - Copyright © September, 2012 - Patricia Grace Joyce - All Rights Reserved
ISBN 978-0-9786191-4-5 Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-9786191-6-9 Trade Paperback
364 Pages

The Premise:
The soul lives forever, thereby, we continue to reincarnate and return again to live many lifetimes with knowledge and information from our previous lives – lessons learned to guide and heal us on our present life journey.  We all have a specific purpose here in this lifetime.  Each and every one of us must walk our unique path to unravel the mystery of our life on earth.

The Theme:
There are two major power vibrations in life…love and fear.  We have choices.  If we listen to our hearts – the inner voice, then ultimately all will be well.  If we choose to live life in fear, there are major consequences that will follow, obstacles that prevent the fulfillment of the soul’s destiny in each particular lifetime.  Thus, the soul will return again into a future lifetime to learn and grow, repeating lessons on a path in search of the fulfillment of its destiny.

The Magic of Time offers hope, healing insight and guidance towards a vast perspective, not only in our present time, but beyond death.  This existence we call “life” is not the end of the road for us in any way, shape or form.  There is much more to follow, just as there has been much more preceding our existence in the present lifetime.  We are who we are today, because of our past life experiences…because of our choices and how we reacted to situations in the past.  Essentially, we are firstly spiritual beings trying to fulfill a linear life on this planet earth as human beings.  I welcome you to join me on this amazing journey into one woman’s past life, and in doing so, I hope  that you return to your present life, wherever you may be…with a greater awareness and understanding of your own unique personal destiny - realizing a renewed excitement, comfort, healing and joy that the present is not the end.  Life is eternal for each and every soul…for each and every one of us.

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